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Feb 1, 2011


It is going to be 17 in Austin tonight, and Spoon thinks that is COLD!  Good thing my Mum washed my blankie for me so it is all soft and warm.

Mum said she’s going to stay inside and work tonight, and I’m on my own.  She’s a “fair weather” rider, but since it’s usually “fair weather” here I wish she’d just turn into a “once a month” rider.  I guess I have to eat extra from the golden orb of food to pack on some blubber that she’s been trying to work off of me.   Mum doesn’t understand that my big Spoony belly keeps me warm!

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Jan 31, 2011

Crime and Punishment

Let’s clear a few things up.

I may or may not show my displeasure by bucking.  I may or may not have been displeased after doing 30 minutes of conditioning yesterday and THEN a long walking trail ride. I may or may not have realized we were headed home, and I may or may not have thrown a few big bucks to encourage my Mom to allow me to gallop for home so I could get cookies and call it a day.

After she so rudely denied my polite request, I may or may not have bucked extra big and hard. It’s not exactly my fault that she landed on my neck, and since I was already trotting for home it didn’t make much sense to stop even though mum decided to start riding me on my neck. She was still up there right?

Either way, this does not excuse the abuse I went through today. See exhibit A.

I have two words for you. Rounpen training. It is NOT okay.

I had to trot trot FOREVER in the BLISTERING heat. That is NOT okay.

Then I got a baff, which was nice. Mum let me play with the house in my mouth, and I figured out how to spray her in the face. That will show you Mum, HAHA!

After my baff, I ate some grasses and hung out with Mum. She was still a little angry with me, so I gave her lots of kisses and put my chin on her shoulder. Humans LOVE it when you do that.

I even sat nice and still when she decided to cut off all my face hairs with the buzzy thing. My ears are a little breezier now, but she says I look cute. What do you think?

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Jan 29, 2011

A difference of opinion

Tonight mum said I could take it a bit easy since I’d been such a hard working spoon this week, and I didn’t have to go sporthorse. So mum and I and my friend Mikey and his person rode around the field and did some trot trot. Mikey is little and I am much faster than him. Mum asked me to go a little slower and trot trot behind Mikey instead of plowing ahead and winning. I don’t know why she did this, except for maybe Mikey needed some confidence because he’s a little pony and not a big tough draft horse like Spoon. Wutever. I went trot trot slower for a few minutes but I still got to go trot trot FAST up the hill in front of Mikey so Spoon was the WINNER, haha!

That wasn’t the exciting part though. When we walked into the field, I saw a bunch of these!!!!!!!

A WHOLE HERD!  I stopped and was frozen.  Any sudden moves can send the attackers into a draft horse eating frenzy.  I ever so quietly asked mum what to do in this horrible situation – but this is what she saw.

Impossible!  What was she thinking?

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